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EVU is cross-functional secretariat for the two education committees for electricians and plumbers respectively. EVU thus assist the committees ongoing development and quality assurance of the tertiary vocational educations within the area of technical installations, including all issues pertaining to youth, adult and vocational training. The committees consists of representatives from employers and employee organisations. EVU is a “faglige udvalg”/education committe as per danish law “LBK nr 439” and as such EVU is the certification authority for electricians and plumbers. This makes EVU a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation.

EVU collaborates with ca. 25 different vocational schools. On behalf of the two education committees EVU also grant companies approval to employ apprentices.

EVU is owned by TEKNIQ, Dansk El-forbund and Blik & Rørarbejderforbundet

This website is written entirely in Danish. If you have any request, e.g. about "Praktik I Udlandet" or authenticity of certificates of employees, please don't hesitate to contact EVU at evu@evu.dk

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