Criterias for certification of employers for electrician apprenticeships

In order to hire and train apprenticies all companies must be approved as a certified apprenticeship.

A company gets certified for a number of modules that correspond to the various tasks the company carries out.

The following conditions must be met in order for a company to be certified for apprenticeships:

  • The company must have existed for at least one year.
  • The company must employ at least one skilled electrician.
  • The company must have an authorization if it wishes to train installation fitters.

The company must have authorization for work areas that matches up with the following modules:

  • Intelligent building installations (central) and simple UI design
  • Design and controlling of lights
  • Sustainable energy solutions
  • Electric installation in special areas
  • Regulation of HVAC units in buildings
  • Central Management System units
  • Intelligent building installations (decentral) and simple UI design
  • Integration and energy optimization of Building Management Systems

If the company is younger than one year, it must get in touch with EVU for further information and a conversation about the company’s profile, specializations, tasks etc. After obtaining such further information the Technical Committee for the Electricians’ training programme will decide wether the company can be certified for apprenticeships.

Companies without authorization can be approved if they perform work that is relevant to other modules. However, companies without authorization can not train installation fitters.

If ownership canges in a company, the company must be recertified by the Technical Committee for the Electricians’ training programme.

The certification covers a specific workplace (P-number). You can read more about P numbers here.