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Certification of employers

In order for an employer to take on a plumber or electrician apprentice, the employer must be certified by the technical committee for either the plumbing-energy education or the technical committee for the electricians’ education.

When an employer wishes to apply for certification to take on apprentices, the employer is required to complete an application form. The application process can be completed in a couple of weeks.

Who has to apply for certification?

  • Employers that have not previously been certified for the training of apprentices.
  • Employers whose most recent apprentice completed his/her training more than five years ago.
  • Employers that have previously been granted limited certification must apply for a new assessment in order to revoke this limitation.
  • If the employer has changed its CVR number, the certified employer must submit a new application form. A new assessment will, however, rarely be required.

Assessment of applications

Pursuant to Danish legislation on vocational training schemes, it is formally the technical committees that certify employers for apprenticeships.

In order to become certified for apprenticeships, employers must meet the requirements contained in the work experience regulations that apply to the apprenticeship and must be able to offer apprentices a satisfactory learning and training environment.

EVU (office for plumbers’ and electricians’ education) handles the administrative part of the application process while the technical committees for the plumbing-energy education and the technical committee for the electricians’ education do the assessments of the submitted applications.

Applications must be submitted to EVU by e-mail at: 

If you have any questions about employer certification, please feel free to call the office at +45 3672 6400.