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Criteria for certification of employers for plumbing-energy apprenticeships

This is how a company can apply for certification to train apprentices at the plumbing-energy training programmes.

Certification for the plumbing-energy training programme

A company certification is based on the jobs offered by the host company and to be certified, the host company must as a minimum employ one qualified person with the same technical training to oversee the training of the apprentice. Read more about the rules governing company certification below.

When applying for company certification in English, fill out the form for Business Approval for the Plumbing and Energy Training Programme and submit the application to EVU by e-mail at:

Please direct any queries concerning company certification or training agreement to EVU by phone at +45 3772 6400 or e-mail at:

Rules governing company certification

  • To be certified, a company must have been operating for a minimum of 12 months. The Technical Committee may grant an exemption from this requirement to be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • The certification to train apprentices applies to a single entity. This means that a company certification applies only to a single P number. Companies consisting of several entities must apply for certification of each of the entities. You can find more information about P numbers at
  • The company’s certificate is valid for as long as the company continuously trains apprentices. If a company has been without an apprentice for a period of two years, the certificate will have to be renewed.
  • When a company changes owners, the company must be certified again, unless the new owner is already certified. At the same time, the new P number must be added to the company’s existing training agreements in an annexe.
  • Training agreements cannot be approved until the company has been certified to train apprentices by the Technical Committee.
  • The company must be able to offer the apprentice jobs matching the specialisation of the training programme and as a minimum one employee who is a trained plumber to oversee the training of the apprentice.
  • In order to train apprentices in the following specialisations, the host company must have a valid plumber licence.
    • Plumbing-energy specialist
    • Plumbing installation technician
    • Sheet metal worker and plumber
  • The specialisation ventilation technician does not require that the company has a valid plumber licence.
  • To obtain certification for the specialisation of metal sheet worker and plumber, the host company must have access to a workshop.

Companies without a licence can be certified for the specialisation of sheet metal worker and plumber. For such companies to be certified, the apprentice must be seconded to another certified host company or a technical college for about 20 weeks dedicated to plumbing. 

Subject to individual assessment, the Technical Committee may grant a company without a licence a partial certification if they carry out jobs of relevance to the training programme.

A company can view its current certifications and training agreements at læ

About the plumbing-energy training programme

The plumbing-energy training programme offers four specialisation tracks: plumbing-energy specialist, plumbing installation technician, plumber and ventilation technician. A third option is to train as an EUX plumbing-energy specialist.

You can find more information about the specialisation tracks and their duration at