General information about vocational training

Danish vocational training and training schemes (I-VET) are alternating or sandwich-type educational schemes in which practical training with an employer, is combined with teaching at a vocational college.

The student must enter into an apprenticeship agreement with an employer certified by the technical committees (a confederation of representatives of employers and employees) in order to complete the programme.

The structure of the programme for electricians and plumbers

A technical vocational education as an electrician or plumber takes 4-4½ years to complete. In order to be able to complete a course, students must have an apprenticeship agreement in place with a certified employer. This agreement may cover all or parts of a basic programme, but is compulsory for the main part of the programme. Apprenticeship agreements are for the whole main programme, parts of the main programme or for shorter periods (at minimum one college period and work placement).

If the apprentice cannot find a work placement, work experience may take place at a technical vocational college. The college will then act as the apprentice’s employer.

Further detailed information on vocational training in Denmark can be found on the Danish Ministry of Education’s website here.